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10,000 T-Shirts For Spring 2016

Mascoutah, IL

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31.87% Annualized $1.1100 for every $1.00

4.2 MonthsCo-Op Completed

82% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

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Thank you for checking out our first ever Kickfurther campaign. Bob's T-Shirt Store owns technology, information, and equipment that allows us to print T-Shirts like never before. The test marketing is over and we are fully convinced it is time to cash in on our discovery. We are ready to pay the Kickfurther backers that help us move forward.

Our amazing printing process will not work on all T-Shirts. We have a manufacturing partner based in Honduras that takes raw materials and turns them into the blank T-Shirts we need. We are currently purchasing them in smaller quantities, with generic tags, from a distributor.

We are requesting a financial partnership with the Kickfurther community to help us purchase 10,000 blank tees directly from the manufacturer. These tees will contain our company brand name ( on the tag. 

  • Adult Unisex Small Grey T-Shirt (1000 pieces)

  • Adult Unisex Medium Grey T-Shirt (1500 pieces)

  • Adult Unisex Large Grey T-Shirt (3000 pieces)

  • Adult Unisex XL Grey T-Shirt (3000 pieces)

  • Adult Unisex 2X Grey T-Shirt (1500 pieces)

Once we come into possession of our blank T-Shirt stock, we will begin listing HUNDREDS of new designs to our website and eBay stores. We have 80,000 subscribers to our email list that will begin seeing fresh new T-Shirt designs each week. We will ask our email subscribers to share the designs with their friends. Facebook posts will allow us to get thousands of new people looking at our designs over the course of this campaign. 

We are confident our internet sales alone will allow us to "flip" product fast enough to reward our Kickfurther backers promptly. For insurance, we also have retail channels to rely on if we need to speed up sales. The faster we get 10,000 blank T-Shirts for our first campaign....the faster we can reward our backers and come back in a few months to do it all over again. Hope you join us.

Feel free to call the owner, Bob Schubert, at 1-800-7-TSHIRT with any questions.

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                                         Above...some of our grey T-Shirts in real life.

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