Perk Apparel Inc.

#2 Feel Good Chinos

Claymont, DE

Total Raised
Total Payout

Inventory Visibility Type

11.58% Co-Op Profit Margin $2.72 profit per pack

8.2 MonthsDuration


Purchase Methods

Perk Apparel launched with an extremely successful kickstarter campaign. We have since transitioned into our Direct to consumer online store in which we were able to scale to over $400k in just three months of sales the same year we delivered. We went on to launch and successfully complete our first Kickfurther Co-Op last year.

This year has obviously had it's ups and downs, but luckily our primary sales channel is e-commerce and so we've been significantly less affected by Covid than other companies. 

Our Revenue over the past 12 months has been over 550k, and this deal will cover our premium Chinos pants, one of our two core product offerings. We are extremely confident in our projections and our capacity to deliver as we have over 15 years of industry expertise, our products are beautiful and functional, our store is high converting and we have a proven track record. We've specifically designed this deal to be a reasonable next step after our first deal. 

The inventory will be kept at third party fulfillment provider and sold through our site.  Our 3PL is extremely efficient and 80% of our clients receive their orders within the US, 4-6 days after they have been placed.

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