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Bradenton, FL


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12.52% Co-Op Profit Margin $27.93 profit per pack

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365 SUN LLC is seeking funding to expand our inventory of top selling haircare products.  Due to our tremendous growth we need to 5x our existing inventory to keep pace with the demand.

In the winter of 2020 right before Covid outbreak we decided to expand our inventory and we’ve seen the company sales soar 200%.  Late in the spring we also launched new products and invested heavily in marketing initiatives which as a result has increased out 365 Sun (DBA Nutree Cosmetics) site sales by 5x.  We are looking for funding to expand our existing inventory of Amazonliss and Botox Expert as well as to increase inventory of new flagship products such as Protein Smoothing Treatment.

Given the influx of inventory we are certain to double our current sales projections.

2020 Sales Results:
Website sales up 5x (see attachment below) – result of smart ad spend:
Nutreecosmetics.com Sales Growth from 5k to 30k in 2020

Amazon sales in units are up by 200-300%

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