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21.6% Annualized $9.69 profit per pack

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Hello KF Buyers,

We are AXIS, a smart shades company focused on the growing industry of home automation. Our flagship product, the AXIS Gear, is the easiest way to automate your existing window shades by installing on your window frame and controlling your shades' chains or cords, making them smart! Once installed, you can control your window shades via a smartphone, on-the-device itself, or integrate Gear with your smart home platform, and control your shades with your voice (i.e. Amazon Alexa, Google Home). With powerful components and a sleek design that speaks for itself, discover all the ways that the AXIS Gear can compliment any room to complete your home. 

The product had an exciting launch with crowdfunding back in 2016, and since unleashing onto the market to a significant amount of positive press, we've grown sales by 400% year-over-year, driven by our direct-to-consumer model. As more and more consumers move towards the trend of home automation we expect our customer base will only continue to grow.

But enough about the future, for the time being, we are focused on meeting immediate demand for our products which sell, first and foremost, on our website as well as The units that we are financing now are currently in production and will then be shipped to the US. They will be placed with third-party fulfillment can be easily tracked. 

We have allowed ourselves ample time in our timeline to meet the expectations of this Co-Op as we hope to pave the way for larger raises, to allow our growth to continue uninterrupted. We have also structured this Co-Op to have the bulk of selling in the middle of Q3. We know that Q3 provides a strong source of very heavy sales during the hot Summer season, that will ensure we have the revenue we need to meet our obligations comfortably. In addition, we have Q4 Holiday sales as a backstop in the very unlikely case that we do not close out during Q3.

Please know that any communication with AXIS will be top tier. Please feel free to ask us questions in the comments sections to address any questions you may have for us!

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