AXIS GEAR (2020)

Newark, DE

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24.09% Co-Op Profit Margin $126.84 profit per pack

9.2 MonthsDuration


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Addressing Covid-19 @ AXIS 

As a hardware company, AXIS is planning long term for their inventory needs. We expect that, in the short term, the market demand for consumer goods will drop until the federal government's stimulus package is more certain. A similar story played out in China and South Korea, who are now fully up and running with Covid-19 contained. Our factory is China is back at full capacity as their primary market is China - they are Huawei’s primary manufacturer for the Chinese market. As such, production capacity is not our primary concern. This campaign is specific to our inventory needs for Q4-2020 and Q1-2021, and not our needs of today - this is why the campaign is a few months longer than our previous campaign, since we are incorporating potential delays they can happen inside production and during shipping. We have always been transparent about our activities and compensated bonus payments when there are delays. We expect demand to pick back up in the hot summer season where we hope Covid-19 will be contained like other flus. We hope you will support us in our long term goals and value the open and transparent communication we have always had. 


Hello KF Buyers,

We are Axis Gear back for our second Kickfurther Co-Op. We are looking to finance an additional 3,000 units on our upcoming inventory order to enter production and be shipped in Q4-2020. We have completed multiple production runs with our factory and are confident we have allowed sufficient slack in our timelines. 

We successfully completed our first KickFurther campaign for over $220,000 - although the campaign had a delay, we were extremely transparent with our backers, and we even compensated our backers with additional payments (at a higher rate than the campaign listed).

This deal is financing the same product, from the same supplier at a very similar volume. The product will be sold primarily direct to consumer with some impressive wholesale partners as well.   

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