Land Work Provisions, LLC

Beeswax Wraps Updated

Telluride, CO

Total Raised
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27.42% Annualized $1.26 profit per pack

2.6 MonthsCo-Op Completed

79% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

Land Work Provisions is seeing tremendous growth and wants to use Kickfurther to increase our Beeswax Wrap production here in Telluride, Colorado.

Since launching our Beeswax Wraps on Amazon with fulfillment through their FBA in February, we have exceeded all projections for our growth. We've sold over 4000 units in the last 60 days and are currently limited only by cash on hand to keep up.

We’ve identified market opportunities based on Amazon search & sales data and crafted an offering that is a better value than any others (price per piece) and is also branded with fun fabrics & art to be more aesthetically desirable to our 95% women purchasers.

This along with thoughtful SEO has helped us achieve #1 rankings for the high-volume search term ‘beeswax wraps’ as well as being Amazon’s Choice. Our listing has an average 22.3% conversion rate.

After launching our original production in Big Arm, MT with co-founder Hardy - we found it difficult to scale in rural Montana with a limited workforce and access to limited production space. We chose to move production to Telluride, CO in April and now operate a team of over 10 independent contractors in an industrial space just out of town.

Our production capabilities have increased 4x and we are constantly making improvements in both our ingredient purchasing and production model.

Inventory gets produced and sent into Amazon FBA for fulfillment. Raising with Kickfurther will let us buy materials and ingredients at a scale which reduces cost, improve our branding with custom printed packaging & stabilize our production model to start courting wholesale relationships. We are confident we can easily sell through the raised inventory in our existing Amazon sales channels. 

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