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Cinemood Co-Op 5 HIGHER PROFIT

Palo Alto, CA

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8.41% Co-Op Profit Margin $12.51 profit per pack

5.6 MonthsDuration


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Hello Buyers!

Please join our 5th Kickfurther Co-Op! We are fully committed to paying this Co-Op back on-time. This is going to be a great deal and here is why:

1. We are heading towards our spring sales period. Historically our sales double in Q2 compared to Q1 which and we need to make more units in order to prepare for Amazon Prime Day and a large order from Amazon is expected in May. Last year we had a PO for 1500 units. 

3. We are in talks with Good Morning America about running a sale on their show in mid-February. This airing is forecasted to sell up to 600 units in 3 days with the potential for another 1000 units over the course of the month following the airing. With this exciting opportunity we are confident that our cash flow will support payback to our Co-op on time as we have with our previous 4 Co-ops.

4. We continue to work closely with Amazon and have optimized our listing, increased marketing spend, and launched new campaigns, driving overall awareness and sales results. This holiday season we sold the same amount in December as we did for the entire 2018 year. Our overall results showed 5X growth over the previous year!

5. We are also setting up new wholesale channels specifically with the boutique and high-end retail stores. We are still working with Nordstrom to determine more pop-up opportunities for 2020 as we successful sold out 2 weeks early for the holiday pop-up.

We're an established company with a track record of success in crowdfunding and on Kickfurther.

The objective of this Co-Op is to help finance inventory for our Spring Season and to continue to utilize Kickfurther as a long-term solution as we grow. Our projectors are produced in China with the same manufacturer that we have used for years and stored in our self-managed warehouse in California. 

This inventory will be sold Direct to Consumer through:

Sold Through our wholesale accounts including:

We are confident our projections are conservative and commit to an on time payback. We appreciate your support and are grateful for your consideration!

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