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Co-Op #9 fund our beloved grey t-shirts

Mascoutah, IL

Total Raised
Total Payout

Inventory Inspection Type

14.45% Annualized $2.47 profit per pack

7.6 MonthsCo-Op Completed

19% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

Hello KF backers,

Thank you for checking out this Co-Op. My name is Bob Schubert and I am the owner of Bob's T-Shirt Store. I appreciate your consideration and possible support for my 9th public and 10th overall inventory campaign on the Kickfurther platform.

For this campaign, Bob's T-Shirt Store is seeking $95,110.75. If successfully funded, the proceeds will be used to pay invoices for blank grey T-Shirts and printing costs. This campaign will most likely be the last ever, on the Kickfurther platform, for my popular grey tees sold through Bob’s T-Shirt Store. I’m looking to make this a positive experience for all. I would greatly appreciate the KF community support one more time on my niche product. Much of the inventory is "pre-committed" to retail partners that have been participating in my sales consignment program since 2014. With Christmas selling season right around the corner, expect an early payment or two.

In January 2020 I am officially launching a new company, Grey Shirt Guys, LLC, and the new business will handle the purchasing and selling of all my unique grey tees going forward.

This particular Co-Op comes with an added assurance for those that participate. If there are any unsold shirts a few months from now, Grey Shirt Guys, LLC will buy the inventory from Bob’s T-Shirt Store before the final payment due date on this campaign. So regardless if the inventory is sold in stores, or not, Bob’s T-Shirt Store will receive payment for 100% of the product and pay before the Co-Op is scheduled to end.

This Co-Op will be conducted under the guidelines of the inventory inspection model by KF. I have submitted to both personal and business background and credit checks. I have signed a personal guarantee and have agreed to allow a UCC lien placed on my business until all of my obligations here are complete.

If you support Bob's T-Shirt Store and contribute to this campaign, you can expect frequent communication and timely payments. My previous campaigns paid annualized profits of 31.87%, 19.81%, 20.55%, 19.87%, 20.02%, and 18.77% to KF backers.

Buy into this deal with confidence. I have a growing team of support personnel to help sell, print, ship, and collect money.

If you have any questions about Bob's T-Shirt Store, our grey T-Shirts, or this campaign...send me a message on the KF site, call me toll free at 1-800-7-TSHIRT, call me on my cell at 618-567-1730, or email me at

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