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Dog is Good 7th Co-Op

Los Alamitos, CA

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6.71% Co-Op Profit Margin $55.71 profit per pack

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 Hello KF backers,
Thank you for checking out this Co-Op. My name is Jon Kurtz, co-owner and co-founder of Dog is Good, LLC. I appreciate your consideration and possible support for my 7th public co-op on the Kickfurther platform.
 If successfully funded, we will be expanding our product offering into jewelry, the associated jewelry displays, new ball cap designs and also manufacturing our best selling apparel SKUs.  

Here is a link to the online version of our print catalog: 

Our product line sells into retail stores of all types, on, on Amazon, and through our team of 40 pop-up shop operators.  We have something for every dog lover.  We are especially excited to be showing these new products (samples at this point) at a couple of the major gift shows this month (Atlanta and Las Vegas) and more next month.  We also brought in a number of new sales reps to carry the line. Needless to say, we are really excited about growing the business this year and featuring the products in this co-op.

Per the KF qualifications/requirements, I have submitted to both personal and business background and credit checks. I have signed a personal guarantee and have agreed to allow a UCC lien placed on my business until all of my obligations here are complete.

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