Nextsport, Inc.

Financing campaign #1 for highly ranked wheeled products on Amazon

Oakland, CA

Nextsport, Inc.

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Nextsport's products are sold across a broad range of on-line and traditional brick & retail such as Walmart (in-store & on-line), Target Stores (in-store & on-line, Amazon FBA, Fred Meyer and many smaller scooter and bike shops.  Our sales have been increasing steadily over the past several years due to an expansion in the range of products that we sell.  In addition, we are also experiencing increasing sales of wheeled products during the current pandemic. We are experts in selling and marketing products on-line on sites such as Amazon.  We project that sales will increase by 50%+ in 2020 over 2019.  Our broad line of products and expanded retailer base has resulted in an increasing diversified revenue base.

Our products are produced in four factories in Asia. We have have established strong, multi-year relationship with our factories which has resulted in increasing product quality each year. 

The goal of this Co-Op is for us to test Kickfurther as a financing solution that can help our fast paced growth in eCommerce. As you can see it's a short turn-around. We plan to come back for a substantially larger Co-Op in August pending successful funding on this one. Thank you for taking a look at Nextsport. We look forward to working with you!

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