Fund Free People PO's for our 4th deal

New Orleans, LA

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on May 13, 2019

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7.94% Annualized $4.05 profit per pack

7.7 MonthsCo-Op Completed

5% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

Hello KF Buyers,

We have had the pleasure of successfully completing our firstsecond, and third Co-Ops with Kickfurther and are excited to launch our third! Our company continues to grow and prosper. Demand for our products continues to grow, and we need your help to ensure we can keep up. We had an amazing year last year more than doubling our previous records for direct to consumer and wholesale business. 

We are very excited that our largest wholesale client Free People has issued us a number of orders totalling hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are financing against three of these orders.

The orders will be fulfilled with inventory that is currently in production, deposit paid, with our manufacturer who has already delivered 4,400 units that passed the testing established by our quality assurance firm in China. The estimated completion date for the inventory is September 28th, for air freight fulfilment by Oct 1st. The POs are paid on Net30 terms and 100% of the payment is assigned to Kickfurther.

We have opted to airship the units to ensure timely delivery to Free People. We have allowed an extra 30 days in our timeline to account for the potential that there is any delay in delivery or payment by Free People. We really want to give our buyers a positive experience.

As in our last three Co-Ops, the payment from Free People for the order will be issued to Kickfurther directly.  

  • Deposit is paid, Production is currently underway and on schedule

  • Air shipping to ensure timely delivery

  • 30 extra days estimated to allow for any issue with delayed payment

  • Additional security beyond the financed POs in the form of other verified Free People orders and other wholesale and direct to consumer sales revenue

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