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Geekify Inc - Round Three!

Boulder, CO

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11.73% Annualized $12.75 profit per pack

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Round #3

After two successful campaigns in 2015 and 2016, we're back for another round! Since our last campaign, we've continued to snowball and grow, and we've been creating all kinds of new products, cooking up new product lines, and working with increasingly larger and more interesting clientele and expanding our client base to encompass a far broader scope than before. We are now positioned as an established merchandise maker for a wide variety of game, film, and movie studios, as well as reknowned podcasts, artists, and influencers. 

Since last time around, we've acquired a number of new licenses including Charmed and The Last Unicorn, and we've been hard at work creating licensed merchandise product lines, including blankets, scarves, mugs, leatherbound books, tarot decks, art prints and posters, plushes, and more! We've been working with Wizards of the Coast, ThinkGeek, a wide number of podcasts, authors, and film and game studios creating artifacts and unique product lines, and we now have three published indie game titles under our belt with former AAA studio developers. 

If you haven't heard of us before...

Some of what we do is jewelry based on prop replicas or inspired by pop culture movies, TV shows, and games. These pieces are metal cast - we do the design work, make a few prototypes, and then have a casting house make them in bulk for us. 

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Some of our products include things from Skyrim, The Neverending Story, Labyrinth, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, Myst, the works of HP Lovecraft, and much more. 

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And one of our core offerings is a line of eReader and tablet covers, modeled after books that appear in these shows and games. Some of the pendants are used as components in making them, or shipped as a supplemental extra for the main product. 

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We continue to branch out and offer new products and services, and have amassed quite a number of skills, manufacturing and lead contacts, and a very enthusiastic consumer base.

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Great News!

     This past year, we've really been pushing our services as makers of cool stuff, and it's been paying off in a big way. This summer, we're expanding our line of Last Unicorn Products. This Co-Op will fund some of our existing and successful Last Unicorn products including our Tarot Card Deck and Blankets. 

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We're mostly aiming to lock in extra resources with a Kickfurther campaign to get the ball rolling on production for a number of our projects and give ourselves extra lead time to work out any potential kinks in production as we build our pre-orders list. Our cashflow has been great this year, but an extra push will help close the gap between now and the summer months when we ramp up production, allowing us to buy supplies in advance and put deposits down with our factories. 

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