Goodwipes 5.0

Atlanta, GA

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10.26% Co-Op Profit Margin $101.47 profit per pack

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Hey There, Kickfurther FAM!  The Goodwipes Gang is back at it again!...thank you for taking a look at our FIFTH Co-Op!

Charlie Siciak here, one of the co-founders of Goodwipes.  

I'm not sure I can iterate this enough -  THANK YOU all for your support. This community has helped us push through pivotal growth seasons and continues to play a part in empowering us, as a brand, to serve consumers.

Now, for the fun stuff!

2019 was a BIG year for us; we closed out strong with over 2.3M in net sales, up over 75% year on year...we couldn't have done this without you. As we to climb and claim our throne as the King of Wipes, we continue to wake up dormant and sleepy categories. We are making noise in Feminine Hygiene and people are hearing us - over 100 emails come in per day from excited and thankful consumers, sharing how we have become a STAPLE in their hygiene routine. 

As we have proven our value and position for multiple retailers, we have many new expansion awards to be excited about this year including new distribution in Rite-Aid and additional skus in Target and CVS. With more placements and additional doors, we expect 2020 to close at ~$10M --- and with the backing of the Kickfurther community, we can achieve this company milestone. 

The products for this co-op primarily drive our new doors at Rite-Aid and new skus at CVS and Target.

Our Down There Wipes excite retailers and consumers alike because they are actually flushable, biodegradable, made with great ingredients, support a great social mission, and are actually COOL to buy, unlike legacy (dinosaur) brands.

All of these products sell so quickly that it is imperative we build up a healthy inventory over time. For now, we are placing these orders for the next several months.

This product is about to hit the water and will fill 3 40HC containers.  We will receive all inventory in February. 

The primary objective of this Co-Op is to support our continued channel expansion, build our credibility with the Kickfurther community, enable bigger production runs in the future, avoid out of stocks with Retail Customers, and to fuel multiple promo opportunities that we have been awarded.

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