Goodwipes Co-Op 6

Atlanta, GA

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7.18% Co-Op Profit Margin $73.05 profit per pack

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Hey There, Kickfurther FAM!  The Goodwipes Gang is back at it again!...thank you for taking a look at our SIXTH Co-Op!
Charlie Siciak here, one of the co-founders of Goodwipes.  
As always, THANK YOU all for your support. This community has helped us push through pivotal growth seasons and continues to play a part in empowering us, as a brand, to serve consumers.
2020 is proving to be a great year for us. We beat our March goal by 97% and have been able to carry much of that unexpected momentum with us as the year has progressed. 
Our dotcom business has grown 7x since February and we have line of sight for that multiple to live at 15 or 16 by EOY. 
Rite-Aid was a new launch for us this spring, and while we have only been on shelves for 2 months, we have secured multiple secondary placements and our buyer told us to keep doing what we are doing because we are one of her top performing SKU(performance raves from buyers are huge)!! 
Target continues to perform – our SKUs carry higher velocities than they had this time last year. 
H-E-B has been a fun account only ~100 doors, BUT our velocity has 3x since last year. 
Finally, we secured a new Grocery account, Rallies. We’ll be in ~150 doors early fall and anticipate similar performance to H-E-B. 
With more placements and additional doors, we expect 2020 to close at ~$4.5M --- and with the backing of the Kickfurther community, we can achieve this company milestone. 
The products for this co-op primarily drive our dotcom growth and success with many proven TGT SKUs. 
Our Down There Wipes excite retailers and consumers alike because they are actually flushable, biodegradable, made with great ingredients, support a great social mission, and are actually COOL to buy, unlike legacy (dinosaur) brands.
The primary objective of this Co-Op is to support our continued channel expansion, build our credibility with the Kickfurther community, avoid out of stocks with Retail Customers… standard business as usual! 

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