Hidrate, Inc.

Hidrate, Inc.'s 5th Co-Op with Kickfurther

Boulder, CO


Total Raised
Total Payout

Inventory Visibility Type

17.9% Annualized $1.80 profit per pack

5.1 MonthsCo-Op Completed

37% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

** Kickfurther Company Note**

This Co-Op will incorporate a new protection called a "Kickfurther Pass-Through Account". All sales revenue generated through the Hidrate website as well as Amazon sales will pass into a bank account owned by Kickfurther for the duration of the Co-Op. These sources account for over 50% of Hidrate's last 12-month revenue.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hello Kickfurther Buyers,

We are Hidrate and we are excited to be back on the Kickfurther platform for the launch of Inventory Visibility Co-ops. We have had a wonderful experience with the Kickfurther community having funded and paid out on 4 successful co-ops.

  • Co-Op 1  - $32,000 paid 1+ weeks early

  • Co-Op 2 - $107,000 paid on time (payout discrepancy due to hold period)

  • Co-Op 3 - $226,000 paid 2+ weeks early

  • Co-Op 4 - $327,000 paid 2+ weeks early

All 4 were filled up within 24 hours and were completed in a timely fashion. Our largest Co-Op was completed just one week ago and 2 weeks early! Everyone who participated in our deals has been happy.

Continuing our success from last year (we generated over $6 million in 2017 sales), we've been growing rapidly and expanding our wholesale presence in Target (900 doors) this summer. We are completely confident that our raise goal of $500,000 is in line with our rapid sales growth. Keep in mind that the raise amount is just a little below 8% of our 2017 gross sales. We have issued over $540,000 in payouts in the last 8 months under the same Inventory Visibility system this Co-Op is under.

Hidrate has already performed successfully on all our previous raises which included the following protections:

  • Our Suppliers will be paid by Kickfurther Directly

  • We have signed a power of attorney with regard to our Warehouse and Fulfilment provider.

  • Our warehouse provider has signed an authorization acknowledging this Power of Attorney 

  • Kickfurther has visibility into the warehouses third-party inventory tracking system

  • An owner has personally guaranteed the co-op inventory

We support these protections as we have always acted honorably and responsibly with regard to our contractual obligations and will continue to do so. Inventory Visibility currently serves the needs of our business which has focused on direct to consumer sales in a way that Purchase Order type could not. 

Because we want everyone to feel as confident as possible we have added the following additional protections to this Co-Op for the first time.

1.) Additional Personal Guarantee: 2 Owners are personally guaranteeing the Co-Op instead of only one

2.) KF Owned Pass-Through Account: All funds from our Website and Amazon sales (which accounted for greater than 50% of our last 12 months revenue) will be required to pass into a Bank Account that Kickfurther owns until the completion of the Co-Op. 

To get into the specifics of our co-op you will be funding our core product the Hidrate bottle for primarily direct to consumer sales as well as to support our Target expansion. 

Production and shipping from our supplier in China will take 2.5 months and we project 2.5 months of selling will be more than enough to complete the co-op. Inventory will arrive around early October and will sell through sufficiently by late December. 

Payouts will reflect actual sales just as in our previous co-op and it is entirely possible that with our current sales volume and wholesale opportunities that it will complete ahead of schedule. Despite being a fairly large raise it is approximately 8% of our gross sales in 2017. 

We are excited to work with you for the fifth time. Feel free to address any questions you have to us directly!

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