Sabor Mexicano Inc

Home Made Tortilla Chips

Berkeley, CA

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37.75% Annualized $0.60 profit per pack

0.5 MonthsCo-Op Completed

87% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

We are a family owned and operated business located in Berkeley CA, our premium Mexican products are sold through many different channels, mainly Natural and Specialty Stores such as Whole Foods Market, Mollie Stones Markets, Nugget Markets, New Seasons Market, National Co-ops, Independent Stores to mention some of the 500+ Stores we currently sell our product at.Sabor Mexicano continues to grow, the demand for our products has gone through the roof,  we also have a national launch with Whole Foods Markets across all of its 490 Stores in the United States happening in September 2020 and we barely keep up with current demand. The purpose of this deal is for us to get acquainted with the Kickfurther platform and with you the funders. The funds for this deal will be used on inventory for our core product that we expect to ship out almost immediately. This will set us up for what we hope will be a series of different campaigns we will be launching at Kickfurther over the coming years. With that said, we commmit to treat this Co-Op seriously and to use this as an opportunity to form strong relations with you the Kickfurther funders. The Co-Op item, our top seller product, Original Home Made Tortilla Chips which we already have purchase orders in place for this product to be picked up by our national distributor UNFI, which then will be distributed to key warehouses for preparation ahead of 4th of July, during this time we usually see a really good increase in demand as Stores set up end-caps such as this at Whole Foods Market in Cupertino CA

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