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Hello All,

My name is Joel Paglione and I am a product designer, engineer, author and entrepreneur with a series of successful brands including Oak Bottle, and LevitatingX. The Oak Bottle is globally recognized as the World's smallest oak barrel and can be found in use in Barrel Aged Cocktail Programs and renowned restaurants and bars around the World. LevitatingX is a bestselling technology company focused solely on Levitating Devices and can attribute its success to a modern contemporary wide range of levitating tech products for your home including its patented wireless chargeable base option. 

Despite being an expert at creating beautiful products that people love, these brands have been limited by the availability of working capital to keep the most popular products in stock and available for sale. When I discovered Kickfurther I was excited to have a solution that will support my distribution model which is direct to consumer and small to medium wholesale orders. This funding will go directly into production costs of a cross-section of products from my top selling brands. Once the order is placed it will take a few months for the products to arrive and become available for sale. 

Once stateside these products will be sold through channels including:

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