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Invest in TOYS before CHRISTMAS

39 Meade St., Trenton, NJ 08638

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5.99% Co-Op Profit Margin $36.91 profit per pack

3.7 MonthsDuration


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First Drive specializes in children ride on electric cars. With Christmas around the corner, we have a lot of demand, with supply already landing in the US from China. 

On Amazon alone, consumers spend over 200M on ride on toy cars a year. This does not include other major ecommerce platforms and big box retailers. Our biggest challenge is keeping up with the demand, which is the reason we always sell out. We are requesting funding to cover incoming stock to match product demand.

In this past year, online shopping has been key for people to get their goods while being in quarantine. Our ride on cars  have seen an increase in purchases during the pandemic as parents have sought to  keep their children active while at home during COVID-19. The toy car market has not been negatively impacted by COVID-19 or current political issues pertaining to international imports.

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