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*COVID-19 Impact* has actually been positive for the business.  Consumer shopping behaviors have shifted to online and sleep and health considerations are more prominent than ever.  Our sales have been on the rise through the pandemic period, and we are well-positioned for additional demand-capture opportunities.  While we source our products from China (same manufacturer since our inception) our supply chain has remained fully functional.  We just had our most recent production run in January/February of 2020, which was delivered in March of 2020 without issue or delay.

First off, it's a privilege to have the opportunity to join this incredible community and I'm beyond excited to share more about what we're up to at Belly Sleep. I believe that Kickfurther will end up playing a pivotal role as we approach escape velocity for our company.We are seeking inventory funding to keep up with the growing demand for our products, namely The Belly Sleeper Pillow.  With over 10,000 and counting sold, keeping this fan-favorite on the shelves has been our tallest hurdle from the onset.  We're determined to continue delivering our ravenous customers their stomach sleeper products!Belly Sleep products are currently sold on,, and we're also in the process of on-boarding with Wayfair, The Grommet, among others.  We have an affiliate program that is seeing hockey-stick growth and a variety of strategic partnerships that are opening doors and unlocking additional expansion opportunities.  We're really excited about it if you can't tell!In closing, we greatly appreciate your consideration.  This co-op will help us fund an order that will allow us to deliver thousands of pillows to eager stomach sleepers. Thank you for your support!

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