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Million Dollar Smile introduces Nuovaluce Beauty to Kickfurther!

San Diego,CA

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Nuovaluce was launched by Million Dollar Smile in 2017 and is one of the Leaders in the At Home Device Space. We are now excited to partner with Kickfurther buyers and raise funds so we can offer customers high quality our At-HomeSpa Device.

There is a huge demand worldwide for Nuovaluce Beauty, due to the global pandemic the reality is that people are no longer looking at traditional spa and facial services the same way. People are not comfortable trusting estheticians to place hands on their faces putting their families at risk during a traditional facial.  Things will never be the same! Nuovaluce offers a safe at-home solution with clinically proven technology that does not put the customer in harm's way of contracting any Virus. Despite this global pandemic our company is thriving like never before!

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