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Nui Organics 4th Co-Op - Kid's Merino Knitwear

Austin, TX

Total Raised
Total Payout

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19.92% Annualized $63.97 profit per pack

5.2 MonthsCo-Op Completed

51% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

Hello again! We are happy to be back for our 4th Kickfuther Co-Op.  This Co-Op is for merino wool rib essentials and includes a few of our all time best selling styles in best selling colors.  There are also a couple of new styles added based on customer requests and we hope these will also become best sellers.  

We have a split also of best selling colors and a couple of new seasonal colors.  There are sizes for baby + child with the bulk of production in favorite sizes.  This is not a wildly creative production, more like a 'bread and butter' boost to our fall range, consisting of what we know sells. We love these essential knits and our customers do too. We aim to get this production in and out quickly and fit another one or two in before spring.  

The styles themselves are all in our knit rib which is super versatile and allows for plenty of growth which parents appreciate.  They feature all natural trim and will ship in our new compostable garment bags.  They are quality made to last beyond one child's use and through our partnership with Kidizen resale they have a good resale value, sending the customer back to our store to purchase the next size up. 

This product will be sold on our webstore and Amazon store for best margin.

We have worked with this factory for 12 years and are confidant of their quality and ability to deliver on time.

Outside of this Co-Op, we are a 15-year-old company making premium quality organic natural fiber clothing for baby and child. In addition to our online retail business, we supply retail stores and distributors around the globe. We have worked with most of our factories for many years and are confident in their ability to constantly delivery a quality product produced in a way that mirrors our own social and environmental guidelines.

Thank you for your consideration of our 4th Co-Op offer!

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