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Nui Organics Co-Op 7 Merino Silk for Mother and Child

Austin, TX

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11.68% Co-Op Profit Margin $97.77 profit per pack

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Kia Ora!  We are back again for our 7th Kickfuther Co-Op.   This Co-Op is for extra stock of our Award winning merino silk thermals and day wear. Last year we won the 'Best Fashion for Kids' section in the Eco Excellence Awards with this versatile organic merino and silk blend. 

With regard to coronavirus:  We do not doubt that there will be some shaking of confidence for investors.  There are the physical realities of this infection obviously, but the impact of it emotionally, socially and financially; we can have some control over if we do not fail to look ahead instead of everything coming to a grinding halt now.  We will still need food to eat, clothes to wear, schools and workplaces to go to once this virus is behind us.  Governments around the world are shutting borders, reducing the spread.  Medical professionals are learning better ways to treat it with every case.  People are recovering. It will pass. Here are our coronavirus considerations for this Co-Op, which we are asking you to invest in for when we are over the Covid hump.  

Production: We have already built in extra time at all steps, from production to delivery to sell through to provide a time cushion should any impact be forthcoming due to the virus.  The factory in Lithuania where we produce these goods are already operating under quarantine conditions, indeed the entire country is under quarantine, limited to travel to the work place and for essential items only.  There have been zero cases reported in the city where the factory is located. This factory is exceptionally professional and a world market leader in sustainable fashion manufacture.  We have no doubt they will bring this same professionalism to confront this crisis, ensuring a safe and secure workplace and conditions where they will fulfill their production obligations on schedule.  The transport of goods is not considered to be a transport mode of the virus.

Sales: It will be some months before we make the goods available to our customers. While we cannot see the future, statistics show us already that severe travel restrictions, social distancing and quarantine are effective.  These garments represent VALUE, exceptional quality that lasts – buy less buy better. These garments are designed for growth, long wearing for fast growing kids. These garments have excellent resale value for when your family is finished with them.  These garments are made from merino silk – temperature-regulating making them suitable for multiple seasons. 

The Silver Lining: We do believe this crisis may further reinforce people’s shift to a more minimalistic wardrobe of intelligently designed premium quality garments. And we will be ready. 

 By (very) popular demand we have now also added some adult sizes in key basics. For the kids, unisex styling and colors means these garments can be handed down among siblings or friends. As with all Nui garments we aim to produce premium quality items that offer extended wear and a life clothing another child once your family is done.  
 We have worked with this same factory partner for many years and the quality and production times are always excellent.    

This product will be sold primarily on our webstore. 

Outside of this Co-Op, we are a 16-year-old company making premium quality organic natural fiber clothing for baby and child. In addition to our online retail business, we supply retail stores and distributors around the globe. We have worked with most of our factories for many years and are confident in their ability to constantly delivery a quality product produced in a way that mirrors our own social and environmental guidelines.

Thank you for your consideration of our seventh Co-Op offer!

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