Our Life Foods Inc

Our Life Food launches their 2nd Co-Op - Covering Swamp Pop Line!

Gresham, Oregon


Total Raised
Total Payout

Co-Op has been filled!

Total raised: $90,316.00

Inventory Visibility Type

11.55% Co-Op Profit Margin $26.10 profit per pack

6.7 MonthsDuration


Purchase Methods

Our Life Foods has been on a rapid growth spurt. We have two successful brands "A Cajun Life" and "Swamp Pop" Since inception, we have been doubling or near doubling YOY sales and COVID has benefited us by significantly increasing our demand! Our last Swamp Pop production run sold out in about 5 weeks and should have lasted closer to 12! We recently updated our formulas to allow us to now be preservative free so now our sodas are considered all natural! The funds from our campaign will allow us to further increase production runs and meet the growing demand expectations we are experiencing while simultaneously reducing our input costs. As best we have data for, we are sold in a collective 5000+ retail doors and growing. 

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