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Saga Outerwear's First Kickfurther Co-Op

Salt Lake City, UT

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17.39% Annualized $18.15 profit per pack

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33% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

Hello Kickfurther Buyers,

We are launching this Co-Op to help finance our coming Fall/Winter 2018/19 season. Our raw materials have been ordered and production is underway. Since this is our first project here, we have specifically chosen to finance our most popular jacket and pant, the Monarch 3L Series, our most technical apparel collection. The Monarch 3L Jacket and Monarch 3L Bib Pant was our most popular kit last year and sold out just when winter was getting started. Because of the demand and exclusivity of our product, customers will start pre-ordering over the summer, to reserve the gear before it sells out this coming winter. Our goal is to beat the timeline we have set out, and financing our highest margin and fastest selling SKUs should ensure that we do that. We are confident in our ability to deliver. We have built a strategic partnership with our factory and have a 9-year history manufacturing with them. 

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This gear was designed and developed by our award-winning lead designer Roxanne Weippert, in collaboration with our team athletes Tim Durtshi and Wiley Miller. All of our apparel is built around the needs of the ski industries top professional athletes and offered at a value proposition that only direct to consumer brands can compete with. This jacket and pant was our most popular kit last year and sold out last January. We have industry-leading customer loyalty with an annualized repeat rate that exceeds 40%. 

Although the majority of our sales are focused on our direct to consumer channel, we also have large retail partnerships with the leading niche outdoor retailers in the USA with and in Europe with

Both founders have over 10 years of product development and manufacturing experience. 

We have been working with our supplier for 9 years 

We have a 30-day buffer in our production schedule. Our production schedule runs from June through October and we start delivering between the months of November and December. We do not have cancel dates with our retail partners until December 30th. Retail partners pay us before we ship and we drop ship directly from our suppliers. If any product style is behind schedule we always have the ability to airship select styles and quantities. 

Our main sales channel is direct to consumer on our website. We also have an exclusive USA retail partnership and international distribution for our wholesale business. 

Please send us any questions and we will offer a deeper dive into our people, partnerships, supply chain and distribution.  

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