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Splashrunner RELAUNCH with greater profit

Miami, Florida

Total Raised
Total Payout

Inventory Inspection Type

23.42% Annualized $20.78 profit per pack

5.8 MonthsCo-Op Completed

68% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

**This Co-Op has been relaunched offering higher profit and a personal guarantee**

We are Brooke and Dylan an established retailer with:

6 million + Revenue in trailing 12 months

1.9 Million on our most recent completed tax return (2017)

In business since 2009

We maintain wholesale relationships with retailers such as:

We had an amazing launch of our Splash Runner motorized float this past Spring. 

This will be our third production run of our Splash Runner - Motorized Pool Lounger which has successfully quickly sold through at all of our retailers.

During the summer of 2019, we have successfully shipped over 4,000 units to both consumers and wholesale to retailers that have generated revenue of $657,000 on this product alone, resulting in an average unit sales price of $162.00 each. This product has gone viral for us in the press. Our Youtube video has received over 122,000 views.

We have been a feature story for the hot summer item in multiple major publications such as: People Magazine, Pop Sugar, Cosmopolitan, Good House Keeping, Yahoo News, AOL News, Business Insider, House Beautiful, Today Show, Fox & Friends July 20 feature item on television, and many more publications.

Regarding why we are using Kickfurther in greater detail, since we had questions on our previous launch. 

Our company is well financed from our lender with an asset-based lending program. We do have the ability to immediately fund production for a seven-figure order that is backed by a purchase order from an approved national retailer. We plan to produce over 1,000,000 units of our other inflatable products that will be financed this way prior to Feb 1, 2019. Additionally, we factor our receivables which also supply us with immediate cashflow after we ship our orders. What we do not have in place is a facility to finance new production that is not backed by a retailer purchase order and is planned to go to our warehouse against future sales. In the case of selling retail direct to consumer through sites like Amazon, we need to build the product and bring it into the country before we have made the physical sale. 

We traditionally have only focused on being a wholesale manufacturer of product and have supplied our products to retailers like Walgreens, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Kroger, Macys, and many others. However, we have learned this past year that there is great opportunity for us to participate in the Amazon Marketplace as a reseller. In 2018 we filled only about 1000 consumer orders that generated about $38,000 on Amazon the entire year. This year we made a strategy adjustment to have an internal team focus on marketing our products on Amazon and as of August 30 we have already filled over 12,000 consumer orders for our various inflatable products that has generated over $715,000 in retail sales. 

In the case of the Splash Runner, we were in a sold-out position during the months of May and June through about July 10th. If we had more inventory of the splash runner and our other products, we expect we could have generated more than double our actual sales volume. When I was approached by the Kickfurther management team to bring our Splash Runner to their investors, I was told that their specialty was to help finance production for companies in these types of gap situations separate from our current wholesale manufacturing finance programs. This is our first Co-Op and we are hoping to see this opportunity be a source of future funding that we can use to finance our internet drop shipping business with our other products, which is exploding for us as well as for our smaller wholesale retailers that are not able to purchase container load quantities and their orders are not be big enough to qualify for our traditional purchase order financing program with our lender.

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