Sheets & Giggles, Inc.

The Sheetiest Opportunity Possible!

Denver, CO

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6.54% Co-Op Profit Margin $57.19 profit per pack

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COVID-19 Statement: Earlier in the year, we experienced production stoppages and delays due to COVID-19. We are happily well past that point in the year, shipments are flowing again, and production is at full capacity. Though logistics is still strained nationwide, we believe this year's e-commerce explosion is excellent news for digitally native brands like S&G long-term.

Hi Kickfurther community! We're Sheets & Giggles, and we're Denver-based purveyors of absurdly soft, eco-friendly bedding made out of a magical material called eucalyptus lyocell. Lyocell is naturally softer than cotton, more breathable,  temperature balancing, and sustainable to boot. If you're a hot sleeper, it's a total dream (pun intended). Our lyocell fabric uses up to 96% less water used than conventionally-grown cotton, up to 30% less energy used, and up to infinity% less pesticides and insecticides (i.e., we don't use any). Unlike polyester microfiber sheets (which are basically just super-soft plastic), petroleum isn't used in our fabric, and our sheets biodegrade without a trace (and 40% faster than cotton, too). And unlike bamboo viscose, our sheets use less water and NO harmful carbon sulfide, which hurts workers and environments. Instead, our lyocell is made in a closed-loop process using a solvent called amine oxide, which breaks down harmlessly, but which also can be nearly 100% recaptured and reused in each batch of fiber production.

Founded in 2018, Sheets & Giggles is a Techstars Boulder company, won first place at Denver Startup Week 2018, and was just recently featured on Good Morning America (and received confirmation recently that we will be featured again shortly). The company has grown tremendously in just three years since founding. In only 2 full years of sales, S&G has reached the exciting milestone of $1 million in gross monthly sales as of this November 2020. As we grow from $500k months to $1m months, we need to bring in a larger amount of inventory in every quarter. Kickfurther allows us to make the inventory decisions that we need to grow aggressively while maintaining flexibility with our cash on hand. Kickfurther also allows us to order the inventory we need without being overly conservative, which can result in costly forecasting mistakes via under-ordering SKUs (hard to hit a growing, moving target).

If you'd like to watch our CEO's full 5-minute pitch at Techstars demo night in late April 2019 and see our progress since just over 18 months ago, it can be found here.

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