Super Cool Products, Inc.

The Super PVA Mop - Campaign #3

Elmhurst, Illinois U.S.A. (Suburbs of Chicago)

Total Raised
Total Payout

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26.38% Annualized $10.50 profit per pack

4.8 MonthsCo-Op Completed

76% PercentileAnnualized Co-Op Profit Margin Rank

Hello Buyers!

We are Super Cool Products Inc. Our core product line is centered around Polyvinyl Alcohol (formalized) Sponge or PVA Sponge. This Co-Op will center on the Super PVA mops and mop refills which is the world's best mop using patented sponge technology. The sponge is almost indestructible - harsh chemicals and ultra-violet light (sunlight) don't affect its performance and it has numerous other properties We've been selling these mops for over 15 years, they are Amazon's top choice for sponge wet mops! We sell them to numerous consumer and industrial customers. Our clients include veterinarians, pet groomers, pet motels, spas, home cleaning pros, fitness clubs, and restaurants.  

This inventory is already produced and currently on the ocean and will be available in our warehouse within the next 45 days and sales will begin right away.

We'll continue to sell through Amazon, Walmart online, as well as direct to consumer on our website

Both of our core channels transfer payments fairly quickly so we are comfortable with our payment terms and our ability to meet our schedule. We plan to continue using Kickfurther on a repeating basis and we expect our deals will be of modest size and based on our years of experience that we are comfortable we are  making projections we can live up to and deliver an experience that will make you want to work with us on all of our future Co-Ops as well. 

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