Tru Pickles

Tru Pickles

Littleton, Co

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3.92% Co-Op Profit Margin $1.14 profit per pack

2.5 MonthsDuration


Purchase Methods

We are working with a new manufacturer for our top selling product, the Original Kosher Dills. Our current manufacturer can no longer produce these in the quantities that we need, due to labor shortages in their area, so we have procured a new one that is willing and able to fill our demand. However, they require payment up front and a larger quantity production minimum than our previous supplier. Due to this, we are looking for funding to purchase the supply up front. 

We have been very successful with our products selling in alternative markets - Ace Hardware is one of our biggest customers, and their success with our products has been largely responsible for the expansion of the food/impulse department in their stores. We have been one of the top 10 SKUs in the Candy and Snack section since 2012. We have had consistent nationwide sales with Ace since 2011, showing that our products are not a fad. 

Other hardware retailers such as True Value, Do It Best, United Hardware co-ops are also selling our products nationwide due to the success that Ace Hardware has had. We are increasing our sales with UNFI, a natural foods distributor that sells to stores such as Whole Foods, Natural Grocers and other independent natural markets. We have been selling in the West region with UNFI since 2011 and are moving into the East region as well. We sell to the King Soopers/City Markets in Colorado. In 2012 we won Cooking Light's Taste Test Award. Our sales with Amazon have been increasing over the last year as we work to get more into the online sales channels.

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