Tweexy's 3rd Kickfurther Co-Op

Sullivans Island, SC

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21.45% Annualized $2.98 profit per pack

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Hello KF Buyers! I want to thank those of you who participated in our Kickoff and Second Co-op! This, our third Co-op, is for Amazon,, and as well as other orders that will come in for Christmas, a season in which we do 70% of our annual sales. This is our third production with a new, more colorful packaging and a few tweaks to the product itself which improves its performance (see images). In addition we are adding eight new colors to our lineup!

The most recent retailers that are now tweexy customers are Ross Stores, TJ Max, Hallmark and Paper Source. is not only selling tweexy on their website but we regularly get POs from them for their network of wholesale buyers and ACE Hardware stores, which is now partners with them. Bed Bath and Beyond has featured us in their 'Back to School' section and if all goes well, we will secure a spot on their shelves on an ongoing basis. Rickys NYC and a host of other independent pharmacies in New York City and Brooklyn have discovered tweexy and love our new 12-unit displays.  We have contracted with a consultant who is aligning us with a national sales force who sell to local and regional drug stores, gift shops, gadget stores and grocery stores in the United States.

Sales on Amazon continue to surprise us. After an incredible 2017 Q4 where we sold over 50,000 units, so far this year we are selling 400% more units than we did 2017 Q1 and Q2. For Q3 this has slowed a bit but only because we are sharing the 'buy box' with our former UK Distributor.The real excitement is coming up in 2019!  We just received another Design Patent in the United States that solidifies our Utility Patent which we received last year. In addition, last month we received both our Japanese and Taiwan Utility Patents. We also were notified that our claims have been accepted by the EU for our EU Utility Patent.

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Why tweexy?

Women are living more mobile lives now than at any other time in history, and this trend is only going to continue. They are working, traveling, driving, balancing family matters and are always on the go. To maintain their ‘look’ throughout the day, they need to do touch-ups wherever they are.

Up until now, nail polish has required a stable platform for the bottle. That can be extremely inconvenient and sometimes impossible. Now a person can simply take her tweexy out of her bag, nightstand, or glove box and know she can neatly polish in her car, in a restroom, at the beach or poolside, while in bed, on a couch, on a train, in a locker room…virtually anywhere.

And there’s a fun factor that comes with this freedom.

With tweexy, girls and women can apply their nail polish indoors or outdoors in a way that accommodates their lives, without scrambling for a surface, reaching, spilling, dripping or smudging.

tweexy has been tested with every branded bottle shape and size and all hand and finger sizes. It’s a universal, one-size-fits-all product that solves the problem for active women who need to apply or touch up their nail polish wherever they are. It also makes polishing at home more convenient. Tweexy has been very successful on Amazon, selling over 55,000 units in 2017, and is being sold in the United Kingdom, throughout the EU, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. 

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